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My name is Brian but you're more likely to find me on the internet by searching Brimaxian, the moniker by which I appear on most social media. I began a channel dedicated to Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response triggers in 2018 as an experiment in sound design, as a musician who stays up too late. Lately I've been composing music for ASMR collaboration projects primarily, but there's a variety to check out.


My primary focus for the channel is to create soothing music, as well as musically inspired experiences. Vibing, meandering, improvised, etc. Analog synthesizers, electric guitars … it's a time to experiment.


There are fuzzy residents in my abode, and they need brushings and love.  They get them.  And you can observe.


Whether it's tapping, scratching, or randomly generated noises, I'd like to think that my sound design and approach to making audible ambience can be effective in the venture of bringing you relaxation.


Some evenings I may just want to talk softly, or elaborate on whatever topics may seem necessary to explore.  Many of these are Unlisted, so if you want to hear me speak, you can find them here.


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I Have Not Written This Yet

If you were interested in my collection of microphones, which audio interfaces I use, or my process for setting up and recording ASMR videos, then eventually this section will be populated with stuff like that.  I'd love for you to come back and check it out.


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