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Hi!—My name is Brian. I go by Brimaxian in general for my musical pursuits and I participate as Worldbri ASMR in the relaxation community. Here is my tree of links to everywhere you need know about, as well as those you needn't but may nevertheless desire to. Read more about me and my endeavors on the full websites!


home studio musician • composer • singer/songwriter
graphic designer • artist • audiovisual technician

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voice performer • composer • sound engineer
graphic designer • video editor • audio support consultant

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Flipside of the Interim [2021]

Or how to make a mixtape the long way. 18 cover songs in the styles of the other artists.

Deep Field XP [2023]

Exploration Aboard Oscillators & Sound Modules

Holograms & Hospital Exams [2022]

Ambient Synthesizer Music & Soundscapes for Varying Degrees of Relaxation and Unease