Album Release October 2022

Varying Degrees of Relaxation and Unease

From a musician who stays up too late, the great ASMR experiment has led to not only a slew of fabulous new music, but now a new album of this music has arrived to meditate upon.

It started in a hospital of horrors …

In October 2021, a reluctant visitor was invited to participate in a spooky facility. It was an ASMR collaboration depicting various humanoid creatures of the imagination. Hosted by the ever-cinematic Shhheila ASMR, this video needed some creepy music. So in addition to performing one of my rare appearances in a roleplay, I also composed tracks for its soundtrack.

In October 2022, these tracks, in addition to some pieces composed for another [yet undisclosed] project, were compiled for a full album of relaxation music, perfectly uneasy for the season.

Holograms & Hospital Exams

Ambient Synthesizer Music & Soundscapes for Varying Degrees of Relaxation and Unease

Original music composed by Brimaxian (Worldbri ASMR). Now available for streaming & download, wherever it's most convenient!

Some of my previous ASMR video scoring work has also been compiled into albums. These are available free-of-charge (or Name Your Price) at Bandcamp and are perfect companion pieces to any playlist of relaxation or orchestral score music.

ASMR Sleepy Hollow—Original Score Soundtrack

"What would Danny Elfman do?" was the mantra between Rayna and I for my first "orchestral" score. Happy Spooky season! (2021)

The ASMR Nutcracker and The Four Realms—Score Soundtrack

Adapted from the music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, my second score for a Rayna Tamarin ASMR project. Happy Merry season! (2021)

"Hello. Well … oh, you don’t look well. Have you been wandering? I see. I’m Dr. Brimaxian from the Worldbri galaxy—er, Institute. Yes, I’ve traveled great distances. No, I’m not a resident in this hospital. I usually visit other places to collect data. I’m a doctor of psychiatry; I observe. I observe. Hmm.
[beard scratching, pen tapping] Well let’s take a look. [pen light triggers]
I’m not sure; I’m not sure what’s wrong with you. I guess I’ll have to probe deeper. Ah, well what’s wrong with you probably isn’t your brain. I do pay attention mostly to the brain. But you seem to be experiencing anxiety, apprehension … fear. That’s quiet normal amongst members of your species—er, community. Yes, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Unfortunately for you I cannot offer any help or prescribe anything that may assist. What’s wrong with you is not in your mind. I deal mainly with the conditions of the mind, at least these days I do. But no matter; I’ll have to keep an eye on you. I’ll have to keep you monitored. Although in this jurisdiction I am required to ask for your consent to place a tracking device on you. Oh, I see. Well, then I wish you luck as you move on. I’ll have to keep your file ready. Yes. Oh … you may continue to your next appointment. I’ll find you if I need to take a deeper look."

What about my other ASMR collaborations?

I have been known to perform more traditional ASMR roleplays, rather than just compose music, right?

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